Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting, like many other areas of the broad 'technology landscape', is a field in which you get a wide variety of "things" for what you pay. Some companies claim perfect customer support. Others may state 100% uptime of their servers. Others brag about major discounts all the time. Well, we have a few things to point out to you, regarding our servers, company, and ethics. 


We pride ourselves on having an almost perfect, always-up server. The only thing that will bring our servers down are forces of nature, or, ISP issues. Mother Nature, we have no control over, but rest assured, any issues that arise from our ISP are swiftly dealt with, up to, and including, changing to a new ISP. We take our customers sites seriously, and do not plan to allow your site(s) to go offline on our watch.


Have you ever wondered why all of those other cheap hosting platforms don't allow you to do whatever you want on your site, unless you pay them more money? Yeah, we wondered the same thing. It comes down to greed and profit. Our servers are run by a company with strong socialist beliefs, which means you pay for what you need, in terms of storage space and external services, such as email. In return, you can do just about anything you want within that storage space, so long as it does not break any federal laws (specifically, US laws). Want to start the next YouTube service? We'll host that! Interested in starting a new game discussion forum? Cool, we may even be members on your boards! We are your sandbox to try just about anything you want!

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Private Server

In the time following the Snowden Incident in the US, a vast majority of people are becoming more concerned than ever about their data, and privacy practices. Our stance is that your data (including personal data, site content, and code involved in it) are yours. Even we, as the web hosting provider, will NOT look through your site, code, files, or other data, without your express permission, or when compelled to do so under extraordinary conditions, where we would have no other choice. We are a "safe harbor" host, in the sense that we will not readily hand over user/customer data without due cause, and attempts at alternative, legal routes, up to and including legal defense. We do not believe in secret orders, from shadowy government branches, that may or may not exist or be legal. Rest assured, your data is safe with us.