The DeepThinking42 Server was originally powered on, back in March of 2016. It was a single server, with three websites, and only had 500GB of storage space. Running off a 25MBps connection, and an old Corei3 processor, we had humble, small beginnings. We have come so far since then.


So, what is it we do? Who are we? What is the meaning of life?

We're a small, local company, based in Fitchburg, MA. Our offerings right now cover a variety of web hosting options, file hosting/sharing options, and backup/storage solutions. We still run out of a home based location, and plan to keep it that way for some time. This is in part due to our philosophy of 'keep it local'! Would you rather trust your website, data, and backups to a big company, that you talk to through a mostly computerized phone system, or through automated email? Or would you rather put your trust in a small company, where you can call them directly, get personal emails, or meet with them in person?